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We are currently putting some clocks and related items including parts, dials, movements, clock tools etc. on Ebay. My Ebay ID is: curtisdunning
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Larson's Antique Clock Shop
has been selling antique clocks for over 35 years. We have a shop and are also an online vendor specializing in antique clocks. It is what we do full time every day so your satisfaction is of the greatest importance to us. Unless the description states otherwise, we guarantee that for all antique clocks for sale, the case, movement and dial are original to each other. All clocks are sold just as we have found them. Most clocks that are running are usually so noted but in some cases a cleaning and oiling would still be advised.

-Lindy Larson

-Karen Larson

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"Landscape Murals and Decorative Arts"
is a separate service for hire. Karen does Rufus Porter style murals, graining of tall case clocks, and other decorative art work in period style. Click on the Murals, Tall Case Graining, Decorative Arts category button or this photo to view work example photos.
Karen's Email:

We always have on hand more clocks than are shown on this website, so,
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We are always purchasing antique clocks, clock books, clock tools, clock parts, etc. If you have one antique clock or an entire collection of antique clocks for sale, please contact us for a free and confidential offer. If you know of a group of antique clocks for sale we would be happy to pay you a finder's fee for the purchase of those clocks.

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